Our Team

For general questions about the Tiered Support Framework:

Amy Keltner, Deputy Chief Schools Officer

amy_keltner@dpsk12.org or (720) 423-3345

Tiered Support Framework and Grants:

Lauren Durkee, Manager, Tiered Supports

lauren_durkee@dpsk12.org or (720) 423-2358

Grace Saenz, Project Coordinator

graciela_saenz@dpsk12.org or (720) 423-3462

Chung Pham, Senior Data Analyst

chung_pham@dpsk12.org or (310) 948-7529

Intensive Supports, School Design & Innovation Planning:

Joe Amundsen, Academic Program Manager

joe_amundsen@dpsk12.org or (720) 423-2585

Christine Salama, School Design Associate

christine_salama@dpsk12.org or (720) 423-2573