What is the Tiered Support Framework?

Focused support with ambitious goals in mind

We created the Tiered Support Framework to help ensure great schools in every neighborhood, which is the number one goal of the Denver Plan 2020.

The framework is DPS’ way of making sure that the schools with the biggest challenges receive the most intensive support, while also helping all schools work toward continuous improvement.

All schools need a foundation for success

We believe that there is a basic investment of supports (people, time and/or money) that all schools need to be successful.

More help should go where it’s needed most

Within the Tiered Support Framework, the schools with the highest needs receive the most intensive support to help them reach their urgent student achievement goals.

Every school has unique needs and circumstances

All supports must be designed in response to the unique needs and Unified Improvement Plan of each school, and honor any flexibility decisions a school has made.